About Orikomi

Orikomi lampshades are produced by us at our studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our studio is located in central Lisbon and although it is not a store, everybody that is interested can come here and meet us, see our products or even buy them.

Orikomi lampshades are made with high quality 160gr paper, with high cotton content combined with mechanical resistance, complies with the ISO 9706 standard on permanence, a guarantee of durability and conservation.

Yes, we can customize them for smaller or bigger sizes. Please let us know which colour would you be interest in and we will check with our paper supplier.


Orikomi lampshades are shipped mounted in a cardboard box. Each product comes with Instructions and Ethical Statement.

You can buy the cord set from us or use one that you already have. If you have your own standard cord set don't worry, our lampshades will fit perfectly.

The ceiling lamps cord sets are compatible with any electrical system. Table and Wall lamps have an EU plug, so if you live in a country that uses another type of  electrical plugs (for example, Australia or US), you just have to use an adapter.

If you buy one of our cord sets you will have to use an E27 light bulb. The lamp should ONLY be used with an energy saving light bulb (or any similar fixtures with low heat generation like LED). Regarding the light's temperature, we recommend you to use a 2700k or 3000k bulb (warm white). For intensity we recommend 900lm / 15W LED but you can use lamps with more intensity.

Our lampshades allow the light to pass through the paper when the light is on, however light intensity may vary depending on paper colours.

Colours may appear slightly different in photos and on different screens. Unfortunately, we can not control it perfectly when taking the photos.


Please download our Instruction Manuals. In either way you will find the Instruction Manual inside the Orikomi box.

- Ceiling Lamp Instruction Manual
- Wall Lamp Instruction Manual​
- Table Lamp Instruction Manual

You can easily clean your Orikomi lampshade with a feather duster.